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  • Are Bengal cats hypoallergenic?
    Bengal cats are very low allergens. Very few people will react because the protein in saliva is less present compared to a domestic cat.
  • Why does it happen that prices differ from one breeder to another?
    The Bengal is a very popular breed, and unfortunately a large number of people want to improvise themselves as breeders in order to take advantage of the popularity of the breed. These people are not real breeders but rather "breeders" or "BYB, for back yard breeders". They are really to be avoided because Bengal cats are too often reproduced without any consideration for the health of the animals or for the improvement of the breed. Bengal cats have many, many health problems that are preventable by regular breeding screening tests. However, these tests are expensive and any ethical breeder will really care. At Bengals4glam, we are one of the breeders that tests its cats the most. Another important point, the qualities of cats can also vary from one breeder to another, some only reproduce to reproduce and do not want to produce kittens of a certain quality. Some unfortunately will not be in sanitary conditions, not in suitable places either. Being a breeder is really a profession in itself.
  • Can the Bengal live well with dogs?
    Yes, very well indeed! He is even recognized as being the cat/dog. The Bengal is curious, dynamic and loves to be in action with us, so a canine companion is very suitable for this breed. It will be important to discuss with your breeder during selection to ensure you choose the companion with the complementary personality to that of your dog.
  • A Bengal in an apartment?
    Yes, the Bengal cat can live in an apartment and be very happy. Many of our clients live in apartments. It does not need to have access to the outside or have several floors to run, but it is important that they can still run a little (kitchen & living room with a corridor will do the trick perfectly. It will need a place to climb a cat tree will make him very happy.
  • When will the kittens be ready to leave?
    Our Bengal kittens are ready to leave our cattery between 12 and 13 weeks old. At this age kittens are well weaned, socialized and fit to go to the litter box. In addition, their immune systems are strong enough to cope with the stress of changing family & environment. You have to be wary of a breeder who would let his younger kittens go. Is the decision to place the kitten quickly motivated by the welfare of the kitten above all else or by other considerations such as financial?
  • I have children. Is the Bengal cat a good candidate with children?
    No problem, Bengal cats love children. He can quite live with young children. It is even a great advantage for the Bengal cat as well as the children who will have a tireless playmate, the children will quickly become inseparable & best friends.
  • Can the Bengal be left alone?
    Yes, definitely, even if you work a conventional schedule say 8 to 5 your cat will be happy. The vast majority of our clients have this kind of routine. If there is no one at your home during the day, your Bengal can quite get used to it. He will be quieter, will sleep and will wait for your return. You can also leave him interactive toys. The Bengal is an active cat and he needs contact and interaction when you are there with him. He will not bear the long loneliness day after day. If you are never at home or if you only go there to sleep, unfortunately the Bengal will not suit your needs because he needs a little more time with his master(s).
  • Do you need a deposit to reserve a kitten? How much is the deposit?
    Yes. The deposit to join our Waiting List is $450. See our Purchase page for more details.
  • Can I come see your kittens and play with them?
    We do not accept any visitors to avoid transferring viruses / bacteria / protozoa, etc. Most of the time we have pregnant or nursing females and newborns that are not vaccinated. The kitten's immune system is very fragile at this age and they can easily get sick. This is not done with cheerfulness of heart and it is not to deprive you of seeing and handling super cute kittens, we simply want to ensure that you acquire a kitten in perfect health when he leaves the cattery for your home. .
  • Is it possible to do an allergy test without moving?
    Yes. The results are not 100% reliable but generally make it possible to perceive whether there is a reaction or not. Bengals4glam offers the possibility of receiving by post a little "doudou" having been voluntarily put in contact with our Bengal adults. You will receive the comforter in a parcel directly to your door (for a certain fee). Please consult the Allergy test section for more information and receive your "cuddly toy" directly at home. We are satisfied so far with its effectiveness. It should be understood that this is not a guarantee of non-reaction. Positively speaking, few people react to Bengal cats :)
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