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Inclusions and guarantees

Our kittens are sold:  

  •   Having had a follow-up with a certified veterinarian

  •   Vaccinated (2 times)

  •   Dewormed

  •   Sterilized

  •   With litter certificate + TICA registration paper

  •   Microchips

  •   Parents' tests given when the kitten leaves

  •   Results of the stool analyzes of the environment / litter, given at the departure of the kitten

  •   Guaranteed for Pk-Def and PRA-b

  •   All of our breeding cats tested negative for FIV and FELV

  •   Legal contract

  •   Up-to-date health record

  •   1 year congenital warranty

  •   Health and accident insurance covering 6 weeks

  •   Starter kit (food and discount coupons)

  •   Toys & Doudou

  • Follow-up with the breeder for the life of the cat

  • *** New and exclusive to Bengals4glam! We are indeed the privileged in Quebec (in terms of the Bengal breed) to do business with an ophthalmologist .  All our breeding cats (and our kittens according to certain lines) are seen by this specialist. Eye health is essential!


Cost of kittens


  • We only work with high quality Bengal cats. The cost of our kittens varies according to coat, color, quality and rarity. 

  • For details on our prices, please contact us in writing through our website. Deposit of $ 400, non-refundable. Kittens starting at $ 2300

  • Given the quality, testing and high demand for our kittens, our prices are not subject to negotiation.  


Prices may be subject to  change.  

Information  additional

Our kittens leave the kennel between 12 to 13 weeks of life for their new family. the health of our cats is paramount. By purchasing one of our kittens, you ensure that you have a healthy kitten that requires no long-term investment other than routine visits.  

To make a reservation


To make a reservation, we require a non-refundable contract deposit of $ 400 for pet kittens. The balance can be paid in several installments or until the taking possession of the kitten. In the event that the kitten is sold abroad, the balance must be paid 2 weeks before its departure.

For info and reservations, you can write us a message (at the bottom of the page) or please contact us at: 


For the price and deposit of a breeding kitten, please contact us. We very rarely sell cats with breeding rights. ​​

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