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Breed: Bengal

Gender: Male

Colour: Charcoal brown with large rosettes

DDN:  July 23, 2022

Available to the general public


The superb Nutella is of superb quality, wow! He is a moderately active kitten. If I can give an energy level, it is 3.5-3.8/5. As Bengal cats are rather active, they are generally between 3.5-5. He will need standard periods of play to stimulate him. No problem with children & other animals, he will love them for sure. It really has a beautiful color. Will Nutella be the next member of your family? Our kittens leave the breeder: ​ * Having had follow-up with a certified veterinarian * Vaccinated (2 times) * Dewormed * Sterilized * With scope certificate + TICA registration paper * Microchipped * All tests carried out on the parents (and/or grandparents if possible), given when the kitten leaves (paper or PDF format) * Results of environmental stool analyzes (PCR Diarrhea) given when the kitten leaves (paper format) * Guaranteed for Pk-Def and PRA-b * All of our breeding cats tested negative for FIV and FELV * Legal contract * Up to date health record * 1 year congenital guarantee * Health and accident insurance covering 6 weeks * Starter kit (food and discount coupons) * Toys & Cuddly toy * Lots of advice & follow-up with the breeder for the entire life of the cat * Declawed (Laser, on customer request/additional charge, let us know if it is 2 or 4 legs).  ​

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