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Retirees available

Here isLuna, a superb female in charcoal color.


She was just 5 years old. She is a very nice, sweet, quiet cat, who will delight her new adopters! She gets along well with other cats, dogs and children (approximately 4 years and up). 


 Retired cats leave the breeding:


*    Having had a follow-up with a certified veterinarian


*    Vaccinated (up to date / vaccine reminder only in 2026).


*    Dewormed (up to date)


*    Sterilized


*    Declawed on 4 paws (value of $450)


*    TICA registration paper


*    Microchip


*    All the tests carried out on the cats precisely + the parents (and/or grandparents if possible), given at the start (paper or PDF format)


*    Results of environmental/litter stool tests, (PCR Diarrhea) given at departure (paper format)


*    Guaranteed for Pk-Def and PRA-b


*    All of our breeding cats have tested negative for FIV and FELV


*    Legal contract


*    Up-to-date health record


*    Small Starter Kit


*    Toys & Blankie


*   Lots of tips & Follow-up with the breeder for the whole life of the cat

The cost of adopting our retirees is from:$1,500

Leave us your application in order to adopt one of our retirees

THANKS. We will contact you.

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